What is it about Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is often called Yoga of Awareness yet it is also a powerful catalyst to bring your awareness into action!

A specific blend of kriyas (set of exercises), various breathing techniques and transformational meditations generate, guide and deliver energy throughout your body's systems to allow your mind to enter a state of greater awareness. Through this awareness you will increase your sense of who you really are, your ability of staying present in each moment and your fearless acceptance of your life’s journey.

Kundalini Yoga’s breathing techniques can get you into a meditation-like state and are often part of an exercise, drawing and guiding prana -life force- to flow through your body.

Rhythm of movement, breath and sound combined with the ancient technique of Kundalini Yoga will make sure the practitioner remains mindfully focused all time.

The sets of exercises, called kriyas, are different from a Hatha yoga class, because the sequence you will learn in class is never put together by your yoga teacher, but was taught by late Yogi Bhajan during his time in the West, between 1969 and 2004.

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful transformational tool and to ensure safety, Yogi Bhajan requested that those sets are taught in class exactly the way he taught them to his students. This includes posture, sequence of exercises, duration and breathing techniques.

Kriyas work on your electrical and chemical system – nerves and glands. Freeing your body’s healthy flow by ensuring a strong nervous system combined with a balanced hormonal system, your mind will follow into a calm and centred state.

Kundalini Yoga meditations can be anything from a simple breath awareness meditation to chanting a mantra to multifaceted one in a specific posture, including eye gaze, mantra, mudra, bhandas and directed breath. They all will help you to unveil your True Self, sanding away what holds you back from being in a state of fulfilment and joy.

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