Tap and Stretch

Into Greatness - Stretch Beyond Imagination




My name is Esther Moser and I have been a Transformational  Coach, therapist, workshop leader and speaker for more than 25 years.


My Tap & Stretch program is the essence of those years brought to you: powerful, individual and effective. A toolkit for life, designed for you to move safely and in doable steps to the next platform of your journey.


We all want to be great, experience the success of our soul.

As children, we had dreams based on our potential,  promises of what we could be.


Deserted by reasons - DNA, upbringing, circumstances- now those seed dreams are starting to demand attention, asking you to unfold, make the next step.


Start your journey now. With T&S coaching program as your toolkit, you will reconnect with your dreams, nurture, protect and grow them to maturity until they become true.


Change happens.

Make sure you are in the driver seat.

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